Ideas for Decorating Your Retro Living Room

Retro-inspired interiors are slowly making a come back. More classic items like vintage consoles and hanging chairs are being incorporated in interior design. Mixing items from different eras has become the norm in achieving the perfect retro living room. We have put together some ideas that you might consider using so keep reading.

Mix industrial with retro

Selecting the right furniture and decoration pieces and see you perfectly bridge the gap between the contemporary and the retro design. This will also see you create a colorful and cozy space easily without losing any character. Mix and match contemporary floor lamps with cozy sofas and throw some brightly colored pillows to get that beautiful and homely space.

Eye-catching silhouettes

Using dark furniture in light or brightly colored rooms will give your space that striking silhouette. The important thing here is to go for pieces that have slender and sharp lines so that they don’t look too imposing.

Add sheepskin rugs

Sheepskin rugs add an instant retro feel to your living room and will give your space that striking look when paired with dark floor boards.

Furniture that looks retro

If you are not into retro décor, then you can get furniture that looks retro. You can get a wooden coffee table with a simple design and pair it with leather seats to nail that retro look in your living room.

More tips that you can consider

  • You can nail the retro look by adding vintage paintings in the mix’
  • Use chic décor
  • Create a retro feature wall

Best Interior Design Blogs

Whether you are looking to give your home a quick and easy update or in the interior design market, you have encountered interior design blogs. With the many interior design blogs on the internet, it can be overwhelming to choose the right blog for your space and budget. Luckily, there are great interior design blogs that show you how to retrieve and refresh your home. We have rounded up the best blogs to follow for interior design advice and tips.


Tylko is an interior design blog that lets you adjust your living space with furniture that fits your style, size, and color needs. The blog also features various customizable premium products of consciously sourced material to last you a long time. Interior design experts design the products of the blog to ensure fast assembly:

Design Hunter

The design Hunter blog is a blog for lovers of minimalistic interior design. The blog focuses on making a small interior space into an elegant, simple layout. The blog has three categories, interior, design, and lifestyle. The interior part covers space transformations and finishes on surfaces, while the design covers comprehensive reviews on shopping for fabulous pieces.

Coco Kelley

Cassandra LaValle hosts the blog, and it gives fresh ideas on interior décor. It offers a strong knowledge of design and pays attention to detail. Content in the blog includes interior, travel, lifestyle, DIY, and entertainment. The interior category has plenty of interior design projects like home tours, a feature of a room of the week, living room, kitchen, dining room, and office. DIY includes home projects. Holiday projects, party, and floral design.

House of Brinson

The blog is hosted by the Brinson Couple, who are creativity and photography enthusiasts. Most of their posts are on their renovation projects in Hudson Valley.The blog has categories such as interior design, renovation, style, and adventures. The couple has an online shop and has been featured by Lonny Magazine, House Beautiful, and Design*Sponge.

Bright Bazaar

Hosted by will Taylor, the crafty blog is divided into four categories which include bright style, bright travel, bright interiors, and bright travel. The blog’s content includes rich interior content on offices, kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Styles showcased are spring, summer, autumn, winter styles, and destinations in America and Europe. Will also showcases his DIY projects and creative ideas to add to your space.

Scandinavian Decor Ideas

This design has been present and used for hundreds of years as it began by people saving up on money to furnish their houses. This however has turned into a design that’s quite easy to achieve, yet many think it’s hard. Since it appeals to both clean tendencies and a desire to live in inviting and comfortable environments, the style has become extremely popular.

Plenty of Natural Light

The design is well known for its openness and the use of plenty of light in the rooms makes it more warm and cosy. The use of plenty of natural lighting also increases once visibility of the straight and clean lines created by the Scandinavian design. With this design, you’re able to play around with the natural light to create different textures in the room.

Create Contrast

This is quite easy to achieve as all you need to do is play around with colour and the architecture. If you have a clean white room, you can have some contrast by adding some black, golden or wooden furniture to create a mood for the room. You may also leave some brick walls bare to also have some more contrast.

Apply Muted Colors

Chill and warm colours really bring out the best in the room. The use of colours like taupe, ivory, and sage in muted tones. A tiny brass cup, black-and-white photography, and tree branches all act as minimalist decorative accessories. These simple elements make a room look simple and clean.

Incorporate Moody Furniture

The use of furniture with character and that flows with the room really makes a room look effortless. This offers contrast too and creates an organic feel for people using the space.

Use different textures

As the room may tend to look cold due to the use of muted colors, one can add rigs on the floors. Use textured furniture which has fabrics covering them and also the use of blanket throws on the couch to create a different feel. The use of texture makes the space cozy and inviting for others to enjoy.

Create small colour splashes

Colour is mostly used in small bursts or vivid shades in Scandinavian interiors, almost in a gallery theme. For example, a neutral base is brought to life in this light-and-bright living room with blue and black rugs and blankets, while the various paintingsoffer a sharp decorative element.

For more inspiration check out Tylko’s article about Scandinavian interior design: