Ideas for Decorating Your Retro Living Room

Retro-inspired interiors are slowly making a come back. More classic items like vintage consoles and hanging chairs are being incorporated in interior design. Mixing items from different eras has become the norm in achieving the perfect retro living room. We have put together some ideas that you might consider using so keep reading.

Mix industrial with retro

Selecting the right furniture and decoration pieces and see you perfectly bridge the gap between the contemporary and the retro design. This will also see you create a colorful and cozy space easily without losing any character. Mix and match contemporary floor lamps with cozy sofas and throw some brightly colored pillows to get that beautiful and homely space.

Eye-catching silhouettes

Using dark furniture in light or brightly colored rooms will give your space that striking silhouette. The important thing here is to go for pieces that have slender and sharp lines so that they don’t look too imposing.

Add sheepskin rugs

Sheepskin rugs add an instant retro feel to your living room and will give your space that striking look when paired with dark floor boards.

Furniture that looks retro

If you are not into retro décor, then you can get furniture that looks retro. You can get a wooden coffee table with a simple design and pair it with leather seats to nail that retro look in your living room.

More tips that you can consider

  • You can nail the retro look by adding vintage paintings in the mix’
  • Use chic décor
  • Create a retro feature wall

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